Professionally Oriented Disciplines

Trains applicants for higher education in the specialty 222 Medicine of the second (master's) level in the clinical disciplines provided by the educational and professional program, both compulsory and elective courses.

The educational process of the department is based on the principles of humanism, scientificity and practical orientation, which are realized by:

  • Training program delivered by experienced doctors who are candidates of medical sciences, professors and associate professors.
  • Providing a wide range of clinical base in public, municipal and private health care facilities of numerous profiles.
  • Utilization of innovative educational methodologies, technologies and modern technical teaching solutions.
  • Establishment of the educational process on the basis of evidence-based medicine, constant updation of academic and methodical materials in relation with the recent accomplishments of medical science and technology.
  • Enhancement of clinical thinking of future medical professionals, developing the skills of not only to detect the specific pathological changes in clinic, laboratory and instrumental examinations of the patients, but also to select the mechanisms for their operations, to formulate the informed decisions of medical interventions and their appropriate and timely execution.
  • The focus of training for the future doctors is on the prevention and early diagnosis of diseases and their side effects, regular usage of appropriate medical interventions.
  • Participation of the students in the research work.
  • The creation of potential of the future doctors and abilities for further continuous professional development.

The department conducts research on clinical aspects and pathogenetic mechanisms of connective tissue and musculoskeletal diseases.

Prospects for further development of the department are to increase subject-methodological groups in clinical disciplines and expand the network of clinical bases.

MBBS Admission Open for 2022

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