The hostel rooms are available at KhIMU to offer temporary accommodation to international, non-resident students, interns, graduate students till the end of academic tenure. Dormitory of the University is administered by the Code of Ukraine, educational legislation, internal guidelines and the regulations of the University.

International students are provided with dormitory rooms on a general basis and on mutual sharing with Ukrainian students. Accommodations of outsiders in the student's dormitory and placements of different organizations or institutes are strictly prohibited.

Rules & duties of students who reside in the dormitory

  • sage of academic and cultural devices, utility instruments, and other facilities.
  • Room assignments with the permit of the administration of the University.
  • Practices of internal rules and regulations of safety, fire protection, orders and guidelines of the University, hostel commandant, maintenance of the regular sanitary rules and basic hygiene.
  • Completion of epidemic countermeasures.
  • Careful utilization of dormitory equipment and property.
  • Avoidance of the damage to the building, rooms, instruments, furniture and other facilities.
  • Preservation of energy sources like gas and water. Cleanliness and dirt free environment of the living quarters.
  • Timely payment of the prescribed rates of using the accommodation.
  • Pass system is mandatory.

It's Prohibited

  • To spread the garbage or any waste material in undesignated areas.
  • To violate the requirements of fire safety ruled by standard norms.
  • To breach the public order, to be disrespectful towards the community with the usages of offensive language in local places.
  • To break the property of any individual.
  • To keep the drink bottles or light alcoholic beverages in the refrigerators.
  • When the University makes an expulsion, students must vacate the distributed premises and return furniture and supplies within 2 days (International students may return within 14 days) from the data of issuing of the orders.

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