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KhIMU Library


Kharkiv International Medical University offers students a library that is disciplinary, multi-scientific, and multilingual. This library was established in 2017 to help students and teachers in assisting their respective educational works. There is scientific literature, researches, textbooks in the library that is available in Ukrainian, English, and Russian languages.

KhIMU library has a constant Wi-Fi connection that helps students to research for their study and stay productive.

The KhIMU library is equipped with computers and the internet for the educational purposes and personal needs of students. Since its establishment, the KhIMU library has seen and sought constant progress in every possible manner. To date, there are over 4000 copies and that is constantly replenished and supplemented.

For the significant expansion of scientific capabilities of the library and the university, the university has always staged the development. The creation of the library’s own website, electronic databases, catalogs for textbooks, and methodological literature is the next step for that.

Human Resources Department

The Human Resources Department is an independent structural unit of the institute which operates on the basis of the Regulations on the Human Resources Department. The head of the human resources department handles human resource services.

The personnel departments have many main tasks like-

  • Implementation of staffing of the university.
  • Selection and placement of human resources by professional and business personal qualities and control over the proper use of their work.
  • Taking the required measures to form a stable workforce, reducing the turnover of faculty staff, and strengthening the labor discipline.
  • Forecasting the needs for staff, staff development, encouraging employees for career development.
  • Ensures compliance of personnel documentation with the legislation in the field of labor, personal data protection, and quality management requirements of the organization.
  • Together with other structural units studies the annual and long-term staffing needs.
  • To address issues within the competence of the Human Resources Department.
  • It interacts with other departments of the university, state executive authorities, and local governments, as well as enterprises, institutions, organizations, and associations of communities.

Educational and Methodical Department

The educational and methodical department is a structural unit of Kharkiv International Medical University offering organization and coordination of educational and methodical work, creation of essential conditions for quality specialists training.

The staff of Educational and methodical department -

Khabibulina Olha is the chief of the educational and methodical department, having a higher education degree, and has been working in PIHE “KhIMU” right from August 2019.

Starikova Nataliia, is a Methodist, has a higher education degree, Ph.D. in Law, and has been working in PIHE “KhIMU” since February 2019.

Kuznietsova Alina is a Methodist with a higher education degree and has been working in PIHE “KhIMU” since August 2019.

Tsviakh Sofiia, Methodist, has a higher education degree, has been working in PIHE “KhIMU” since May 2019.

Department Responsibilities:

  • Implementation of educational activities in the institute.
  • Realization of Rector’s orders and instructions on the organization of educational and methodical work.
  • Regulations development, instructions, and methodological recommendations on the organization and scientific and methodological support of the educational process.
  • Formation of proposals for the implementation of best practices of domestic.
  • Foreign higher education institutions aims to improve the existing mechanisms to ensure the quality of educational activities.
  • Evaluation trends of determination of education quality level change, based on monitoring of quality indicators of education, correlation of identified trends with international and domestic ones.
  • Systematic control of the college departments, educational and methodological work organization.
  • Oversight of the activities of the dean's office, departments, and other structural units to ensure the implementation of organized curriculum and programs.
  • Organization and direct participation in systematic control of training process realization.
  • Offering information-advisory and methodological help in the preparation of materials for the development of educational programs for higher education.
  • Informing structural units of the institute about changes in the current educational programs of higher education and curriculum.


  • Coordination and methodical support of curriculum development.
  • Working training programs and training programs in the speciality by the system of higher education standards.
  • Determination in cooperation with dean's office and departments of qualitative and quantitative parameters that affect the amount of study load (number of subgroups, lecture batches, various educational activities, measures of current and final control.
  • Calculation of the educational workload of departments and control over its implementation.
  • Development of the recommendations and control over the formation of teaching materials of disciplines according to the requirements of ECTS.
  • Scheduling of educational process, training sessions, credit and examination sessions, the state (qualification) examinations, and control over their fulfillment.
  • Organization of curricula fulfillments controls, carrying of supervisory measures (students’ assessment, control tests, etc.) according to Rector’s order.
  • Accounting for the students (expulsions, renewals, transfers, academic leave.
  • Conducting at the university the procedure of recognition of foreign documents on previous education obtained in foreign educational institutions.
  • Development of drafts of university normative, instructive, and organizational-methodical documents on planning and organization of educational process, educational-methodical work, licensing and accreditation of specialities, statistical reporting.
  • Learning, generalization, and popularization the excellent experience of educational and methodical work, faculties, and help in the experience implementation.

Department of Practical Training

  • The practical training department is a structural subdivision of Kharkiv International Medical University and it is subordinated to the vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work and the rector.
  • The main goal of the practical training department is to provide the practical aspect of knowledge to the worldwide students coming to pursue different courses at Kharkiv International Medical University.
  • It strengthens the basic and practical knowledge acquired during clinical.
  • Fundamental disciplines training and further deepening and improvement while working in security and medical-prophylactic institutions of Kharkiv and Kharkiv region.
  • The practical training department also involved in conducting preparatory work on the organization, educational and methodological support of practical training.
  • The department also controls the development of working programs of practical training by profile departments of the institute.
  • The department distributes faculty members and students based on practice.
  • It provides all organizational measures of practical training- Provide brief process information for practical training, providing students-interns and heads of practices with the necessary documentation.
  • After completing practical training, the department of industrial practice accepts reporting documentation, ensures the document evaluation is completed, monitors the final results, analyzes the state of quality indicators, and also compiles the analytical reports improving the practical training.

Department of Foreign Nationals Passport and Visa work

The Department for Recruitment of foreign citizens and passport and visa work was developed to mix into the international community and enter the international markets for scientific and educational services.

The department has a purpose of the organizational, technical, and informational, and methodological support of the international activities organized in the institute on the involvement of foreign students while pursuing MBBS at Kharkiv International Medical University.

Check out the major tasks of the department-

  • Strategies development of international activity and its integration into the global educational system.
  • The organization, fulfillment of obligations arising from international agreements of Ukraine and agreements, treaties of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
  • Development of methodologies for organizing various international activities and preparation of agreements in the field of the international educational process.
  • Building relations with foreign educational institutions, agencies, associations, and also with their representatives in Ukraine.
  • Statistical data processing of worldwide students coming to pursue MBBS at the University.
  • Providing information about the services which is related to the education of International students in accredited educational programs and specialties.
  • Registration and accounting for the education of the global students of foreign countries and specialists, providing assistance and support while studying MBBS at Kharkiv International Medical University.
  • Cooperation with companies and agents to recruit foreign nationals to receive better educational services.
  • Preparation of appropriate reports on the various activities conducted in the department.
  • Creating and maintaining an information database of foreign students and its constant updating and replenishment.
  • Document preparation for foreign graduates for legalization in the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and embassies and consulates of foreign countries in Ukraine.
  • Develops such areas of international activity as organizing the reception of foreign delegations, international conferences, symposia, drafting agreements with foreign organizations, implementing existing research projects with foreign partners, implementing international academic mobility programs, exchanging scientific and technical information.

International Educational-Cultural Center

The main aim of the International Educational-cultural Center to develop the students and to increase their creative potential.

International Educational-cultural Center coordinates and implements all areas of extracurricular activities of the students and ensures the development of amateur students for a better future.

International Educational-cultural Center ensures the education of an overall developed personality, creates the required conditions for cultural and educational work among student youth, the organization of leisure.

  • Formation in the youth of national-worldview positions, ideas, views, and beliefs.
  • Formation of a healthy lifestyle

    International Educational-cultural Center organizes various events like -

    • Performances
    • Festivals
    • Competitions
    • Excursions
    • Master classes

    The International Educational-Cultural Center has long-term planning to work with the student organizations and offer practical and methodological assistance to all departments of the Kharkiv International Medical University in the field of organization of cultural and educational work.

    At Kharkiv International Medical University, the students coming to study from different countries have an excellent opportunity for overall personal development in both ways- educational and cultural.

    Every candidate can take part in various extracurricular activities organized by the Kharkiv International Medical University.

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