Coordinating and providing administrative support for the educational process in training highly qualified doctors is the main activity of the Dean’s Office of the Medical Faculty of the PIHE “KhiMU”. All the doctors are trained as per the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The dean of the medical faculty – Tynynyka Lyudmila Nikolaevna, Ph.D. in Biology and the dean's office inspector – Chyzhova Anna Kostiantynivna along with the dean's office secretary – Bochkova Olena Vitaliivna together form the Dean’s office at PIHE “KhiMU”.

The work of teaching staff and students are controlled and coordinated by the dean's office of the medical faculty of the university. It is their duty to see if the staff and students comply with their responsibility for the educational process according to the curriculum of PIHE “KhIMU”. They also form and manage educational and methodical work taking place at the faculty involving heads of departments and faculty staff.

The Dean's office of the medical faculty of the PIHE “KhIMU” is the one that looks after the formation, maintenance, and control of the preparation of draft orders and extracts. These draft orders and extracts involve the enrolment of students, students’ transfer, and expulsion. The dean’s office also carries out verification of students’ progress and their implementation of the curriculum.

The dean's office also helps and coordinates with various other things of the faculty staff of the PIHE “KhIMU”. Other things include checking the accuracy of the documents accompanying the educational process and its timely submission to the dean's office. They also participate in creating educational programs and thematic curricula for disciplines all complying with the curriculum of the PIHE “KhIMU”.

The dean’s office also consults students on various issues and conducts explanatory work on students' compliance with academic discipline. It maintains regular communication with students and prepares documents for semester controls, credits, and exams. The dean’s office takes care of the results of students' success in the implementation of the curriculum.

They also take part in designing measures for conducting and monitoring the online educational process due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The office also reaches out to students and faculty staff to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

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