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Kharkiv International Medical University is the first international medical university of the European level. It has secured its place in the TOP-10 best private higher education institutions and it is undoubtedly the best option for MBBS in Ukraine.

Kharkiv International Medical University is known for its advanced learning technologies, well-established mechanisms for improvisation in practical skills, and it has created a comprehensive system of multilevel continuous training of specialists.

The Kharkiv International Medical University provides the specialization in the field of 22 “Health Care”, at the medical faculty specializing in “Medicine” (222). The term of study is 6 years, and it is a full-time course. KhIMU has accredited as the highest IV degree level accreditation.

Nowadays, KhIMU is a university complex that meets European quality standards and provides students with ample opportunities for quality training. KhIMU is a tradition multiplied by search, innovation, initiative. KhIMU is the first international medical university in Ukraine. The high rank of the University of KhIMU confirms the wide range of directions of educational and scientific activity.

KhIMU is licensed as a Self Financed Private Institute by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Being an international level university, KhIMU offers students an environment where foreign lecturers and students from all over the world maintain the international environment.

Kharkiv International Medical University has newly built buildings where fully equipped lecture halls, laboratories, auditoriums are ready for medical workshops, lectures, and conferences.

MBBS Admission Open for 2022

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