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Kharkiv International Medical University is the first international medical university of the European level. It has secured its place in the TOP-10 best private higher education institutions and it is undoubtedly the best option for MBBS in Ukraine.

Kharkiv International Medical University is known for its advanced learning technologies, well-established mechanisms for improvisation in practical skills, and it has created a comprehensive system of multilevel continuous training of specialists.

The Kharkiv International Medical University provides the specialization in the field of 22 “Health Care”, at the medical faculty specializing in “Medicine” (222). The term of study is of 6 years, and it is a full-time course. KhIMU has accredited as the highest IV degree level accreditation.

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Why Kharkiv International Medical University?


Self-financed university licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.


The first international university established in Ukraine.


Internationally facilitating environment with foreign lecturers and students.


Comfortable hostel accommodation, canteen, libraries, sports complex, etc.


Well-integrated infrastructure with lecture halls, laboratories, & auditoriums for medical workshops & cultural programs.


Excellent teaching staff, scientist to optimize academic standards and building exponential future opportunities.

University Structure Departments

Department of Foreign Nationals
Department of Practical Training
KhIMU Library

Rector's Message

Dear Friends,

On behalf of Kharkiv International Medical University – the modern and perspective university, located in one of the most beautiful cities and an educational center of Ukraine, I am delighted to welcome you to become a part of our academic family.

It is a great honor for the KhIMU to welcome you in the new area of knowledge, humanity, science - medicine.

The journey of professional development starts with the selection of an institution for higher education.

You will be greatly satisfied with your choice of studies and we are confident that we are offering great ease to you and your parents in your career choice.

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MBBS Admission Open for 2022

A list of popular questions on the topic of admission

To enter the first year on the basis of complete general secondary education admission, the applications and documents for participation in the competitive selection begins on August 13 and ends at 18:00 on August 16.For those who enter on the basis of an interview or entrance exams, it starts at 18:00 on August 22 For those who enter for the results of an external independent evaluation. For admission on the basis of the educational and qualification level of a junior specialist applications start on 13 August and end at 18:00 on 22 August.

The rural coefficient is the coefficient by which it is finally multiplied competitive score if the entrant is registered in the village at least two years before the day of completion of the application for admission and graduated in the year of admission to the school located in the village of SC is equal to 1.02 for such persons.

Applicants for a bachelor's degree on a full-time basis general secondary education, applying for public or regional order, indicate the priority from 1 to 7 in each application. Priority is the order determined by the entrant during the submission of applications (where 1 is the highest priority) of their consideration at the address placement state order. The priority of applications specified by the entrant cannot be changed. In case the entrant is recommended to enroll in training according to the first self-chosen priority, he loses the right to participate in the further competitive selection for training in the following priorities

Applicants who have applied earlier do not have any benefits, because the date submission of documents does not affect the results of competitive selection.

Completion of general secondary education is necessary to enroll for the course. Submit certificates of Ukrainian language and literature to the admissions committee, biology, physics, or mathematics (optional).

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